I. search search 1 [sɜːtʆ ǁ sɜːrtʆ] noun
1. [countable] an attempt to find someone or something, usually one that takes a lot of time:
search for

• Their offer ended a five-month search for a buyer for the company.

• Graduates in debt simply can't afford lengthy job searches.

exˌecutive ˈsearch [countable, uncountable] HUMAN RESOURCES
the business of finding new senior employees for companies. The executive search company finds people working for other companies who have the right skills and experience to do the job, and tries to persuade them to work for their client company; = HEADHUNTING:

• High-technology businesses have also been large users of executive search.

• an executive search consultant

2. [countable] when police or other people with official power look through someone's possessions, business records etc because they think they have done something illegal:
executive search of

• Evidence of copyright infringement was found during a recent search of the company offices.

— see also certificate of search
3. [countable] COMPUTING the action of looking for information in a computer's memory or on the Internet:
executive search on

• I did a search on the company and found out it had a lot of money in real estate.

  [m0] II. search search 2 verb [intransitive, transitive]
1. to spend time looking for someone or something:
search for

• We searched the whole state for a contractor.

• Geophysical methods are widely used in searching for oil.

2. COMPUTING to look for information on a computer or on the Internet:
search seacrch something for something

• I spent my lunch hour searching the Internet for a cheap flight.

• You have to wait a few minutes while the software is searching.

• Try searching the web using a Subject Directory Service.

* * *

search UK US /sɜːtʃ/ verb
[I or T] to look somewhere carefully in order to find something or someone: search for sth/sb »

For the past six months, she has been unsuccessfully searching for a job.


They are still searching for a new chief executive.

search sth for sth »

We will search the market for the cheapest deal for you.

search among sth »

We have begun searching actively among many potential suppliers in order to identify the best product at the best price.

search through sth »

The regulators must be able to search through detailed records.

[I or T] IT, INTERNET to look for information on a computer or on the internet: »

search a database/the Web

search sth for sth »

She searched the Internet for information about the loans.

search (sth) by sth »

The database of executive branch workers can be searched by an employee's name.

search through sth »

The new file system will allow users to search through all their files at one time.

search on a word/phrase »

Search on the word ""retrospective"" and then filter the results.

[T] to examine a place or a person carefully in order to find something or someone: »

The offices of the credit rating agency were searched by police.

search UK US /sɜːtʃ/ noun [C]
an attempt to find someone or something: search for sb/sth »

He will lead the high-profile search for a new chief executive officer.


a job search

IT, INTERNET the action of looking for information on a computer or on the internet: »

an internet search


a search service/tool

search option/result/term »

The company makes nearly all of its profit from ads that appear alongside its search results.

search for sth »

a search for all restaurants in the area

run a search on sb/sth »

I ran a search on him to see if I could find out any more.

a careful examination of a place or a person in order to find something or someone: »

The Serious Fraud Office raid included a search of the premises of the Jersey investment group.


conduct a search

See also CERTIFICATE OF SEARCH(Cf. ↑certificate of search), EXECUTIVE SEARCH(Cf. ↑executive search), INTERNAL SEARCH(Cf. ↑internal search)

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